Why Are Dental Sealants Important For Your Kids?

The dental health of your child needs to be on your top priority because it is going to help your kid maintain not only the good oral health but also the overall health in the rest of his/her life. One of the first things which you can do as soon as your child start getting the first permanent teeth is to get him dental sealants applied on the surfaces of those permanent teeth.

Dental sealant is a thin plastic coating which is applied to the chewing surface of the teeth in order to prevent occurrence of tooth decay and cavities. Usually back are the ones which need dental sealants because those teeth are not easily cleaned with brushing and flossing.

Here, it would be worth mentioning a few reasons why your kid should get dental sealants.

Prevention of cavities in small grooves on chewing surface or teeth

While may think that your child has brushed well your teeth’s chewing surface, it is highly unlikely for the grooves in those surfaces to get cleaned well. Dental sealants are specifically aimed at filling those grooves so that the consolidation of bacteria and plaque could be prevented. The dentist would first clean those grooves and then apply sealant.

An effective preventive dental procedure

Fluoride use is commonly thought as the most effective way of preventing dental problems. It surely is but your child may not be able to apply fluoride to all of his/her teeth in an ideal way. In this scenario, application of dental sealants can be effective in preventing the occurrence of dental issues which can turn out to be problematic in the future.

Inexpensive treatment

Application of dental sealant is inexpensive from two different perspectives. One is that these sealants are quite cheaper. You don’t have to spend huge amount of money to get your child getting the dental sealants applied. And the second perspective is that these sealants can prevent future occurrence of dental issues which might demand huge amount of money to be spent in order to get treated. For instance, you may have an idea how expensive the cleaning and filling of a cavity can be.

Non-invasive treatment

There is injection or drilling required for the application of sealants. For the application, the tooth is simply conditioned and then the sealant is applied with the help of a brush. An ultraviolet light is then sued to harden the coating. This procedure is quite simple and it would make your child realize the difference between teeth cleaning and application of sealant.


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